कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र, मालकानगिरी

    କୃଷି ବିଜ୍ଞାନ କେନ୍ଦ୍ର, ମାଲକାନଗିରି


Sl No.Title of the Training ProgrammeCategoryDuration (days)VenueOn/Off Campus TrainingDate
Farmers and farmwomen Training
Agronomy and Crop Production
11Blast management in Kharif Paddy F & Fw1MV-9OFF18 Juuly 2022
22CLCC for N fertilizer management in paddyF & Fw1PedawadaOFF01-Oct-2022
33Stem borer management in paddyF & Fw1MPV-1OFF09-Aug-2022
44Green Manuring in Transplanted paddyF & Fw1Mv-09OFF09-Aug-2022
55Integrated Nutrient management in transplanted PaddyF & Fw1TandapalliOFF04-Jul-2022
66INM in Finger MilletF & Fw1PedawadaOFF08-Nov-2022
77BPH management in paddyF & Fw1KetrugudaOFF17-Aug-2022
88Crop diversification in upland situation pulse and oilseed production techniques F & Fw1MV-2OFF02-Mar-2023
99Post harvest management in groundnutF & Fw1DarigudaOFF27-Dec-2022
1010 YMV management in GreengramF & Fw1TanginigudaOFF04-Feb-2023
1111Tikka disease management in groundnutF & Fw1DarigudaOFF11-Dec-2022
1212Pest managemnet in sesameF & Fw1DarigudaOFF10-Dec-2022
1313Boron and Sulphure application in groundnut F & Fw1DarigudaOFF15-Dec-2022
1414Inpartance of bio-fertilizers in pulses cropF & Fw1PedawadaOFF18-Nov-2022
1515Storage menthods for food grains to reduce PH losses F & Fw1MV-2OFF02-Jan-2023
1616Management of FAW in MaizeF & Fw1MV-2OFF5 Nov. 2022
1717Bio-fertilizer application in vegetablesF & Fw1MPV-1OFF5 Sept. 2022
1818Management of DBM in Cabbage and CauliflowerF & Fw1MV-09OFF06-Oct-2022
1919Wilt Management in Brinjal and Tomato F & Fw1KadabahalOFF5 Oct. 2022
2020Fruit and Shoot borer management in BrinjalF & Fw1MV-3OFF5 Dec. 2022
2121 Integrated Pest Management in ChilliF & Fw1BudugudaOFF20 Dec. 2022
2222Management of FAW in MaizeF & Fw1MV-9OFF5 Jan. 2023
2323YMV management in OkraF & Fw1OFF09-Mar-2023
2424Deficiency Symptoms of soil micronutrient & their management in MaizeF & Fw1MV-9OFF5 June. 2022
2525Oyester Mushroom CultivationF & Fw1MV-11OFF08-Feb-2023
2626Soil Sample collection techniqueF & Fw1KorkundaOFF17-Aug-2022
2727Importance of soil testing F & Fw1TentuligudaOFF11-Jul-2022
2828Raising of vegetable seedling in low cost poly house/net houseF & Fw1MV-10OFF16-Nov-2022
2929Culture of Monosex TilapiaF & Fw1MV-11OFF30-Jun-2022
3030Culture of Desi Magur F & Fw1PedawadaOFF07-Jul-2022
3131Fish based Integrated FarmingF & Fw1MV-02OFF14-Aug-2022
3232Fish Diseases and ManagementF & Fw1MV-81OFF19-Aug-2022
3333Zero Water Culture System F & Fw1KVK training HallON11-Sep-2022
3434Soil and Water Quality Management in Aquaculture F & Fw1PedawadaOFF21-Sep-2022
3535Pre & Post stocking management in AquacultureF & Fw1PonargudaOFF17-Oct-2022
3636Role of Soil and Water Probiotics in Fish FarmingF & Fw1KVK training HallON22-Oct-2022
3737Species Diverification in AquacultureF & Fw1MPV-51OFF20-Nov-2022
3838Growout culture Techniques of Carp in Cemented TanksF & Fw1MV-38OFF01-Dec-2022
3939Nutrition Mangement and Feeding Practices F & Fw1GoregudaOFF20-Dec-2022
4040Application of CIFAMA in Magur FarmingF & Fw1ChalangudaOFF06-Jan-2023
4141Nursery Management of Carp F & Fw1KVK training HallON18-Dec-2022
4242Use of women friendly agricultural implements for drudgery reduction Ragi thresher F & Fw1MPV-1OFF05-Dec-2022
4343Formation and management of SHG and their capacity building for income generation F & Fw1MV-02OFF07-Oct-2022
Rural youths
441Use of micro- irrigation system in in pulses Rural Youth2KVK Training HallON16-17 , Dec -2022
452Use and efficacy of Neem coated urea in transplanted paddyRural Youth2KVK Training HallON24-25- Nov-2022
Livestock Production and Management
461Backward poultry rearing for income generationRural Youth2KVK Training HallON05- 06- JN -2023
472Small scale Duck rearing farm for income generationRural Youth2KVK Training HallON18-19- Jan -2023
483Feed management of backyard poultryRural Youth2KVK Training HallON 13- 14- Feb-2023
494Quality seed production of groundnut Rural Youth2KVK Training HallON06-07-Jan -2023
505Post harvest loss management in paddyRural Youth2KVK Training HallON14 -15 Dec-2022
516Nursery Management in Horticulture cropsRural Youth2KVK Training HallON 05 06-Aug -2022
527Protected cultivation of vegetable cropsRural Youth2KVK Training HallON27-28-sept-2022
538Quality planting materials production in vegetable crop Rural Youth2KVK Training HallON23-24-Nov -2022
549Oyster mushroom production for livelihood support for farm womanRural Youth3KVK Training HallON9 to 11-Nov -2022
Agril Extension
5510Integrated nutrient management in PaddyRural Youth2KVK Training HallON16- 17 Dec 2022
5611Training on Village Seed Production Programme for increasing farmers incomeRural Youth2KVK Training HallON18 19-Aug -2022
5712House hold nutritional security through kitchen gardenRural Youth2KVK Training HallON22-23 , sept,2022
5813Indoor Biofloc Fish Culture for Unemployed Rural YouthRural Youth2KVK training HallON15 -16 July -2022
5914Ricirculatory Aquaculture SystemRural Youth2MV-45 and KVK CampusON02 and 3-sept-2022
6015Pearl Culture Techniques Rural Youth3Kalimela and KVK Campus ON04 and 5 - Feb -2023
611Capacity building on ICT application (IS) Extension personel 2KVK training HallON16-17-Aug-2022
622Productivity enhancement in groundnut (IS) Extension personel 2KVK training HallON27 -28-sept-2022
633Use of Micro irrigation system in Vegetables and fruit crops Extension personel 1KVK training HallON02-Mar-2023
644House hold nutritional security through kitchen garden Extension personel 1KVK training HallON19-Sep-2022
655Biofloc Fish Culture System Extension personel 1KVK training HallON25-Jan-2023
666Freshwater Prawn Culture Extension personel 1KVK training HallON08-Feb-2023
677Gender mainstreaming through SHGs Extension personel 1KVK training HallON27-Aug-2022
698Market led extension Extension personel 2KVK training HallON 20 -21 , Dec 22
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