कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र, मालकानगिरी

    କୃଷି ବିଜ୍ଞାନ କେନ୍ଦ୍ର, ମାଲକାନଗିରି

#Crop/ ComodityFarming Situation Problem/ Opportunity identified for which such interventions was undertaken Technology options testedResult (q/ha)Year
01Rice Irrigated medium land Low yield due to high infestation of weed in medium land situationIWM in transplanted Rice (Post emergence application of Metasulfuron +Chloromuron( Almix) @ 8 gm./acre. after 15 DAT Along with one hand weeding 25-30 DAT )FP (T1)- 35.6 EBT/Sqr.mtr-176.5 RP (T2)- 43.7 EBT/Sqr.mtr-225.32012-13 (Kharif)
02ArharIrrigated medium land Low yield due to use of local varietyAssessment of HYV Arhar-Asha in marginal land FP (T1)- 8.1 RP (T2)- 10.72012-13 (Kharif)
03Brinjal Irrigated UplandLow yield of Brinjal due to heavy infestation of Shoot & Fruit BorrerIPM for Fruit and shoot borer in Brinjal (Soil application of Neem cake@ 2.5 qtl./ha. 25-30 DAT, Collection & destruction of infested shoots & fruits, Pheromon trap @ 20/ha., application of neem pesticide @ 2.5 lt/ha at 15 days interval (2 times) use of BT @ 1 kg/ha.)FP (T1)- 178 Fruit infestation / Plant : 12 % Shoot infestation / Plant : 21 % RP (T2)- 224 Fruit infestation / Plant : 3 Shoot infestation / Plant : 5 2012-13 (Kharif)
04Paddy Irrigated medium landLow yield due to use of old varietyCultivation of HYV paddy variety Naveen FP (T1)- 35.8 RP (T2)- 43.62012-13 (Kharif)
05PaddyIrrigated medium landCultivation of local variety paddy Cultivation of HYV paddy variety Mandakini FP (T1)- 37.2 RP (T2)- 44.62012-13 (Kharif)
06Pointed gourd Irrigated medium landLow yield due to high incidence of Downy Mildew in Pointed gourManagement of downy mildew in pointed gourd (Application of Thiophinate methyl @ 1g/lit and Chlorothalonil @ 1 g/lit twice at 10 days interval )FP (T1)- 248 Leaf infestation : 38 RP (T2)- 272 Leaf infestation : 4 2012-13 (Rabi)
07GroundnutIrrigated medium landLow yield due to high incidence of weed infestation Assessment of weedicide r in Groundnut (Recommended Practice Application of 500 ml.Imazithapyr @ 2ml./lt. of water with Spreader @ 1.5 ml./lt. along with Ammonium Sulphate @ 2gm./ltr.)FP (T1)- 19.4 RP (T2)-24.12012-13 (Rabi)
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