कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र, मालकानगिरी

    କୃଷି ବିଜ୍ଞାନ କେନ୍ଦ୍ର, ମାଲକାନଗିରି

#Crop/ ComodityYearFarming Situation Problem/ Opportunity identified for which such interventions was undertaken Technology options testedResult (q/ha.)Year
01Paddy 2014-15, (Kharif) Rainfed upland Low yield of upland rice due to drought Assessment of drought tolerant paddy var. Sahabhagi FP (T1)- 26.4 RP (T2)- 34.32014-15, (Kharif)
02 Paddy2014-15, (Kharif) Rainfed medium landLow yield due to use of old variety Assessment of Hybrid paddy Var. Ajaya FP (T1)- 41.8 RP (T2)- 58.6 2014-15, (Kharif)
03 Paddy2014-15, (Kharif) Rainfed low landLow yield of rice due to Iron toxicityManagement of Iron toxicity problem in paddy (Application of zinc sulphate @ 25 kg/ha at the time of planting along with K applicaton @ 45 kg/ ha can enhance 23.3% rice yield by reducing Iron toxicity)FP (T1)- 31.3 RP (T2)- 38.6 2014-15, (Kharif)
04Onion2014-15, (Kharif) Rainfed uplandLow yield from rice in uplandsAssessment of onion varieties during kharif in rice-fallow system in uplandsFP (T1)- 18.6 RP (T2)- N-53 REY -110.4 Agri found dark red- 1272014-15, (Kharif)
05Sesame 2014-15 ( Pre Rabi)Rainfed uplandLow yield due to improper nutrient management INM in Sesamum (NPK @ 45-20-20 kg NPK/ha and Gypsum 250 kg/ha )FP (T1)- 3.5 RP (T2)- 5.62014-15 ( Pre Rabi)
06Tomato 2014-15 (Rabi)Irrigated medium landLow yield of Tomato due to old varietyAssessment of Tomato Var. Swarna Sampad in rice based cropping systemFP (T1)- 350 RP (T2)- 7202014-15 (Rabi)
07Groundnut2014-15 (Rabi)Irrigated medium landLow yield due to weed infestationHerbicides for weed management in ground nut in rice based cropping system (T2- Oxyflurfen @200 gm/ha as PE T3- Quizalfop eithyl @ 1 Kg/ha at 15 DAS T4-Imazethapyr @ 750 gm/ha at 15 DAS) FP (T1)- 14.2 RP (T2)- T2 - 16.4 T3-17.6 T4-20.32014-15 (Rabi)
08Sweet corn2014-15 (Rabi)Irrigated medium landLow return from existing maizeAssessment of sweet corn Var. MadhuriFP (T1)- 55480 cobs Selling price @ Rs.3/cob RP (T2)- 46750 Cob Selling price @ Rs.5/ cob2014-15 (Rabi)
09Ground nut2014-15 (Rabi)Irrigated medium landLow yield due to collar rot in groundnutIDM for collar rot in ground nut (Seed treatment with carboxin 37.5% + thiram 37.5% @ 2.5 gm/Kg seed, spraying of chlorothalonil 75% WP @ 1.5 gm/lit and carbendazim 2gm/lit at 15 days interval)FP (T1)- 15.3 RP (T2)- 20.62014-15 (Rabi)
10Ground nut2014-15 (Rabi)Irrigated medium landLow yield due to improper nutrient managementINM in Ground nut (Application of FYM 5 t/ha + NPK 20-40-40 Kg/ha + Lime application @ 0.2 LR before sowing)FP (T1)- 17.5 RP (T2)- 21.82014-15 (Rabi)
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